SPECTRA (2020-present)

“SPECTRA,” serves as a meditation on experiential landscapes. This work takes a micro and macro view of the forces that drive the current systems of which we are all part. These pieces that contain chemical structure diagrams are influenced by physical science and are chosen based upon the importance of the substances to my own personal biography. The large-scale paintings resemble a community of mandalas, a galaxy, or color-wheels. 

Story Time (2021)

This series of artwork continues my fascination with perspective that is zoomed-out. The imagery (that is sourced from my helicopter flights) is infused with illustration to create a narrative within each piece that is not easily deciphered.  Each piece draws a connection with children's literature. The color stories for this series feature vibrant jewel-tones, neons and holographic elements to feed the idea of an ultra-landscape; a world of the future as if a child designed it who didn't understand the ramifications of their actions. 



Statement: Time is as relational as color; it is energy traveling at different velocities and identifiable only by its connection and dependence upon the energy surrounding it. Inspired by the equations of physicists James Clerk Maxwell and Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek, each cycle painting references the artist's "theory of everything." Energy is conserved within the Universe and is held by the laws of symmetry: change without change.  Themes of arbitrariness, continuity, relational connections, zen, and summation  are emblematic of this series. 



2018 Light Shine Down. Franklin Burroughs/Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum

It is impossible to identify something while embedded within it. I choose an aerial view or God trick to portray mundane landscapes of steel factories, paper mills, housing developments, and shipping ports.  Traveling North America extensively by helicopter, I  capture the source material for these paintings. 

Wonderwheel , Selected panels from Wonderwheel installation.                         

2020 Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC)

2019 Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)


The boy asked his mother, "Will I die too?

And the mother felt tight in her chest

She built him a model of the Universe

and told him, "If you learn this, you will

find that you go on forever."

Statement: When displayed together, the 59 panels (oil and gold leaf) create a painting in-the-round to envelope the viewer within a spectrum. Lines, imagery, and shapes depict common scenery of the contemporary landscape. The paintings and installation are constructed around a narrative of a mother/artist who builds a model of the Universe to teach and protect her children.  Accompanying the installation are I-spy books of poems for the viewer to use to find items within the installation. 

To view the installation, click  here