coming this Summer 2019

Maryland Institute College of Art


“Wonderwheel” is an artistic attempt to construct a world-model, a simple

machine that contains and represents the connections and systems inherent within

our world in the most simple and elegant manner possible. The installation,

comprised of 59 painted panels and 6,000 dominoes, is constructed in a manner that

reflects the compatibility of quantum and theoretical physics with current

investigations into the realm of human consciousness. With this model, I am

specifically seeking to address the question of “how is reality” rather than “what is


Though there currently exists no method to test speculations of existence put

forth by quantum theorists, something I do not view as a problem, then all

possibilities of existence currently reside within our Universe and time is as relative as

color (and indeed made of similar stuff); the Universe simply “is.” It obeys certain laws,

such as gravity and energy, but these laws are really a description of relationships.

Our Universe consists of nothing more than relationships and can be described in its

completeness as derivatives of such.

This closely mirrors the workings and complexity of human consciousness and

the functionality of our brains. Indeed, human creativity is no more and no less than

the ability of an individual to make connections. We cannot invent something for

which we have never experienced (try inventing a color in your head right now that

has never existed before. See?). The Universe cannot create something that isn’t

already possible because all things possible already exist, though they may not have

yet actuated.

The inspirations that lead to this investigation arise from a study of the history

of violence within our race, nuclear science, yogic philosophy, my own parenthood

and fear of death, and an attempt to understand more than I feel I am evolved to do.

This experiment has a great deal of limitations, as I am attempting to model

everything within my human brain, and extrapolate from that to create a physical

form that is, admittedly, very planar. Specifically expressed within this installation are

the laws of color and electromagnetism put forth by James Maxwell, laws of motion

and space by Sir Isaac Newton, musical theory, theories by particle physicists Albert

Einstein and Frank Wilczeck, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and my own experience with

the contemporary American, Global, and digital landscape and the fears that are

generated by Western society. I am heavily influenced by my connection to my

children and find that the toys and methods they employ to begin to understand

about their world are tools with meanings that are distilled to their simplest possible

meanings. They are elegant. They are quantum.

Above all, “Wonderwheel” is a highly organized love letter to consciousness. It

has produced for me far more questions and paths of investigation than I had ever

planned. In that sense, I have created my world-model. It is so much more than what it

is, and it is nothing more than what it is.

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